Southeastern genealogy

Tennessee Genealogy Records

TN Cumberland Plateau Lookout Mountain Tennessee Map 1890 Veterans Census for the Union Army for following counties
  1. Blount | Campbell | Carter | Claiborne | Cocke | Grainger | Greene | Hambleton | Hancock | Hawkins | Jefferson | Johnson | Knox | Loudon | Morgan | Roane | Scott | Sevier | Sullivan | Unicoi | Union | Washington
County Records
  1. Carter
  2. Jefferson
  3. Johnson
  4. Shelby
  5. Tipton
  6. Unicoi
  7. Washington

Knox County
  1. Tax Digests (partial)

  1. Babb of Greene & Roane Counties [Colonial Families of United States of America by George Norbury McKenzie, Vol. 5]
  2. Barnard of Roane County [Colonial Families of United States of America by George Norbury McKenzie, Vol. 5]
  3. Fain, the descendants of Nicholas, the emigrant
  4. Faron of Chattanooga [Colonial Families of United States of America by George Norbury McKenzie, Vol. 5]
  5. Henderson of Williamson County [Colonial Families of United States of America by George Norbury McKenzie, Vol. 4]
  6. Ladd of Roane County [Colonial Families of United States of America by George Norbury McKenzie, Vol. 5]
  7. Landis of Beech Hill, Bedford County
Native Americans
  1. 1788 Indian Nations in Tennessee | Tennessee Cherokees who Applied for Land 1906 to 1910
Revolutionary War Soldiers
  1. BOWEN, Charles, 816055, Tennessee, Blount Co. | BRANDON, William, W71, Tennessee, Smith Co. | BROTHERTON, William, S1793, Tenn., Greene Co. | BROWN, Jacob, W333, Tennessee, Washington Co. | CHILDERS, David, S39298. Pension | CHILDRESS, Thomas, 2 Georgia Battalion, GA, pension from Lincoln County, Tennessee | DANIEL, William Powell, Tennessee, Coffee Co. | JONES, Franklin, S4441, Tennessee, Giles Co. | McMAHAN, Redman, R6785, Tennessee, Warren Co. | PERKINS, John, #W2640, Tennessee, Wayne Co. | ROGERS,Wilson R8964t Tennessee, Lawrence Co. | WHITE, John, R11426, Tennessee, Hardin Co.
Special Collections
  1. Allen, Capt. George of Bedford County | Baskerville, Charles R. of Covington | Blair, John of Loudon County | Blair, Wiley of Loudon County | Bowen of McMinn County, Pedigree Chart | Bullington of Putnam County, Pedigree Chart | Burum, Peter G. of Knoxville | Cagle/Keagley/kagley of Blount and Sevier Counties | Campbell of Washington and Rutherford Counties | Cantrell, genealogies traced from PA, VA, NC, SC to Warren County, tn | Carson of Benton Co. | Chamblee | Chandler of Gibson County, Pedigree Chart | Cheairs. Home of Major Nathaniel Cheairs | Cleveland, Oliver Cromwell | Collier of Rhea County | Corley of Smith and Gibson Counties, Pedigree Chart | Cunningham of Hamilton County, Research File, 3 pp. | Dallum-Toy Family, 1930 Research Notes of Mrs. Edythe Rucker Whitley placed at Georgia State Archives, 47 pp. | Davis, Jonathan of Loudon County | Dawson of Cocke County, Pedigree Chart | Donelson | Driskill of Cocke County, Pedigree Chart | Dixon of PA, NC, TN | Elam of Weakley County, Pedigree Chart | Ellis of Cocke County, Pedigree Chart | Fritz of Lowden | Gant, Levi, LWT, Sevier County (1883) | Henneman, John Bell II of Sewanee | Holland, William, born ca 1822 in Tennessee | Hughes, Robert of Loudoun County | Johnston, James of Loudoun County | Key, Albert Lenoir of Loudoun Co. | Lenoir, Albert S. of Loudoun County | McAllister of Gibson County, Pedigree Chart | Meadows of Bedford County, Pedigree Chart | Moseley, VA to TN, Pedigree Chart | Niles, James Swanson Pickens of McMinn County, Pedigree Chart | Prater, Benjamin Franklin of Loudon County | Preston, Thomas Ross of Woodbury | Price, John Ewing of Lebanon | Rogers of Blount Co. | Scarborough, Dr. L. C. | Soper, Benjamin of Fallatin County. The Historical News, Vol. 14, No. 65, GA, Oct. 1994 | Turner of Maury County, Pedigree Chart | Union County Deeds | West of Putnam County, Pedigree Chart | Winton, John of Loudon County | Wyly, James, Revolutional War Soldier of Loudon County

A Memory is Worth a Million Pictures

James White HouseThere are memories simply too precious to forget. Too soon do little children grow up and forget the elder relatives. Yet, there remains dribbles of information we knew about our family members that is still in the conclave of our thoughts. Older citizens review these moments in the declining years, preferring the good times. I see my sisters as they were when we were playing in the yard, but somewhere in that memory lies a fleeting picture of my dear old great-grandmother asking me to thread a needle. One day I found a vaguely familiar face on an old black and white photograph and it came to me! That was her! I had traced her lineage back several hundred years, but not remember her. Now I could. What a pleasure it is to find her alas! It seems that just about everyone has a batch of unidentified photos. Now that the internet is our photo album, we can post these precious memories for future generations. Neat!


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